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About our frames
All of our frames are ready made or individually made to order.

  Some Examples of Frame Styles

Wide Profile:

cross section image:

This wide frame is ideal for framing larger images, or for use as a design statement where smaller pictures need to be emphasized.
Ideal for any interior!

Box Profile:


Boxy and modern - ideal for contemporary artworks for a modern interior.


Elegant and curvaceous, the Scoop is a very appealing frame, working well with most images.
Perfect for those seeking a balance between very traditional and very modern!




The Reverse is similar to the wide profile, but has an edge that slopes away from the image.
The Reverse Wedge profile is a great universal frame.
Great for prints of all




A great universal frame, which works well in any environment.
The black wedge and white mount works particularly well with black and white photos.
The sloping angle to this frame makes it more three dimensional and interesting.



The narrow profile is a simple, versatile frame, which does not draw attention away from the image.
This frame works well in any interior and any style of print.

Panel or 'canvas style' frame:



Great with abstract and contemporary works like Rothko or Pollock.
Gives a 'box canvas' look to prints.
The print itself is mounted onto board and varnished, which means that this framing option does not involve mounts or glazing.
Borders and text are removed unless you instruct us otherwise!


Black Bamboo:

Elegant oriental bamboo frame - ideal for Oriental style prints like Hokusai and Hiroshige!
Ideal for interiors with a Japanese look or oriental theme.

Traditional Gold:


These appealing gold and silver frames are perfect for use in period or traditional surroundings.
Great for Impressionist and old masters paintings, and anything with metallic inks!


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